When Ordinary People Seek Mad Love

That ordinary life has already been ruined for me every time I experienced the magic of being with the right people and being the best me. I’m young and restless. I’m not yet ready for ordinary. I’m built for magic and the extraordinary. I’m addicted to the high life, going wild with the people who appreciate my wildness. For that, I need my enabler. I need constant stimulation. I need to be the best me again.

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When You Go Home With A Tinder Date

He lived in the part of the city that was nice and central enough to make going home with a stranger not so scary. Maybe it should’ve been scary regardless but we never assumed the worst in this kind of situation, especially when we were expecting to have the best night of our lives.

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The Course Of An Almost Relationship

At that stage of life, the timing was just not right for us. We both didn’t know what we wanted in life. We were so young, so unsettled, so different. I was at the start of the adulthood race with endless possibilities ahead while he was dealing with the ghosts of the path he had already walked through.

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