Please Swipe Left On Me

I don’t see relationships as an end-goal or a measure of my self-worth. Speaking of which, I don’t bring my self-worth into the mix when a relationship succeeds or fails. I know the outcome of a relationship is down to our compatibility, not worthiness — worthiness is irrelevant.

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I Would Do Anything For Money

I would do anything for money. Well, I would do most things for a good amount of money. My rules are simple. I don’t mind danger, don’t mind dirt, don’t mind humiliation, don’t mind pain. The only things I strictly don’t do are prostitution, killing and love. As for the rest, it’s always a matter of assessing the pros and cons, a question of whether the money is handsome enough for the risk to be worth it, and a problem of me making decisions based on my mood.

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When Ordinary People Seek Mad Love

That ordinary life has already been ruined for me every time I experienced the magic of being with the right people and being the best me. I’m young and restless. I’m not yet ready for ordinary. I’m built for magic and the extraordinary. I’m addicted to the high life, going wild with the people who appreciate my wildness. For that, I need my enabler. I need constant stimulation. I need to be the best me again.

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