Don’t Waste This Life

It’s terrifying to have to make all the important decisions not knowing if they are the right ones. But it’s also liberating and wonderfully exciting because I get to make all the important decisions. I get to live my life the way I think is best for me and this is all what matters.

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Please Swipe Left On Me

I don’t see relationships as an end-goal or a measure of my self-worth. Speaking of which, I don’t bring my self-worth into the mix when a relationship succeeds or fails. I know the outcome of a relationship is down to our compatibility, not worthiness — worthiness is irrelevant.

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I Would Do Anything For Money

I would do anything for money. Well, I would do most things for a good amount of money. My rules are simple. I don’t mind danger, don’t mind dirt, don’t mind humiliation, don’t mind pain. The only things I strictly don’t do are prostitution, killing and love. As for the rest, it’s always a matter of assessing the pros and cons, a question of whether the money is handsome enough for the risk to be worth it, and a problem of me making decisions based on my mood.

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