About Tingly Mind

Founded in 2015, Tingly Mind is an online publication dedicated to the unfiltered experiences of being human, and particularly of young adults in the modern Western society. This is a place where feelings and thoughts are freely explored and expressed. The content covers a variety of topics including growing up, letting go, self-love, and short stories.

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About Founder

My name is Ellen Nguyen (or Hong Nguyen). I’m a Vietnamese millennial female currently residing in the UK. I’m about many things and definitely one thing: I love to write. Over the year, I have contributed to a number of websites such as Thought CatalogElite DailyDistractify, HuffPost UK and The Financial Diet on a variety of topics for the coming of age. You can also find my work in the ebook The Art of Letting Go and LYLA: Love Ya Like A Sister, Seriously published by Thought Catalog.

As a twenty-something like all of you out there, I have been through the precariousness of life: failing, making mistakes, learning and having no choice but to grow up. After 5 years abroad, I have changed more than I had ever anticipated, coming to terms with many bittersweet realizations about this life. As it turns out, living my twenties in a big city is not always as glamorous as I expected and being strong is no longer an option — it’s a requirement for thriving in this chaotic world.

I believe in perseverance and resilience. I tell myself every day that as long as I haven’t given up on myself, I have a chance to succeed. And I want the same for you: have absolute faith in yourself and get stronger each day. That’s why I share honestly and positively with you about my own ups and downs, my insecurities, my lessons. I hope that you will feel inspired and motivated and know that you’re not alone in this world.

After all, writing is my way of expressing myself and finding the like-minded people. I want to record this journey of being a twenty-something and remind myself that I have lived, have felt, have tried. Even though I might never have the answer to the meaning of my own existence, I know one thing for sure that I’m having a good time writing, and that’s good enough for now.

If you want to talk to me, feel free to send me an email to ellen@tinglymind.com or connect with me on Twitter You can also subscribe to my special letters that I send out on a quarterly basis – Your support means the world to me!


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