A Tinder Hook-up From An Inexperienced Girl’s Perspective

We matched on Tinder at 8 pm on a Friday night, yet he didn't message me. So I messaged him. Hey. He replied after a few minutes. Hey. And our conversation started.

Life At 22: Me, Men, Money & Drugs

I guess that's the biggest difference between the 22-year-old me and any previous version of me: I've learned to let go of people who don't choose me. I've found the strength to move on regardless of the circumstances.

What Happens When You Grow Up

You will be completely honest with yourself and find a way of life that will allow that honesty to breathe and thrive. You will go for the good options instead of the easy ones.

7 Remarkable Ways Heartbreak Shapes You Into A Better Person

It is harder and takes much longer for me to fall in love but once I do, I fall deep and for the right reasons.

I Want You To Come Back For More

I used to be happy having you for a night. Or maybe two while I was lonely and bored and your touch still lingered on my thighs and wrinkled bed sheet. You were strong and lively and excitingly rough, and I wouldn't take any less of that deliciousness but we both knew I didn't necessarily want more either.

So You’re In Love With A Total Manwhore

Being in love with a manwhore is fun but tricky. Fun because he is attractive and ridiculously good in bed. You don't know how he even does it but it's like he understands the female body better than you do and he can tell exactly what you want, how you want it, when you want it before you even find a chance to mutter it to him.

I Must Be Crazy Because I Wish I Wasn’t Over You

Let's go back to the days when your body was still my home and I danced having butterflies in my stomach. Then the days I followed your traces back but all what greeted me was a deserted city of late apologies and broken promises.

Empty bed in an empty room

This is Why I Didn’t Contact You

I didn't contact you because the truth is, part of me was afraid that I might recklessly say more than I should.